Balter Invenomic Fund


Invenomic leverages the best of quantitative analysis and fundamental analysis in an attempt to create a compelling and effective investment strategy

Invenomic actively manages the portfolio’s market exposure, as its discipline to short only negative return stocks determines optimal portfolio exposure

Invenomic’s strategy is designed to seek to benefit from challenging market environments as its focus on diversification and liquidity may enable the strategy of increasing dispersion and volatility

Invenomic Capital Management LP

Invenomic Capital Management is a U.S. focused, all-cap, long/short manager that incorporates the use of both quantitative and fundamental analysis to develop a highly diversified portfolio.  Invenomic seeks to identify cash generative companies on the long side, which demonstrate an established competitive position, where business is improving and which have attractive capital deployment opportunities.  Invenomic balances the long portfolio with a variable short portfolio consisting of overvalued companies that are expected to demonstrate a deterioration in business fundamentals.  By utilizing a variable short approach, Invenomic seeks to protect capital when the market is overvalued, while preserving the opportunity to grow capital when prospective returns are attractive.  Invenomic’s quantitative process is focused on scouring underlying financial data rather than factors and the firms fundamental research process is characterized by a focus on primary financial data such as company filings, transcripts and presentations.  The firm believes that significant diversification facilitates both risk management and capital reallocation, particularly during market dislocations.

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